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Hi Penny,
Thank you so much for all your wonderful help throughout the process of finding our perfect puppy.  I’ve raised many puppies before, but none of them compare to our beautiful girl, Leiloo.  From the moment we picked her up, she has just been a complete joy to have!

Very well-mannered and sweet when playful.  She’s made friends with every other animal we’ve brought her around, and she’s especially great with our cats. I truly believe these habits come from the great pride you take in your dogs and all the care and love you give them. The raw diet and holistic natural health care has also played an important role in her demeanor.

I think it’s wonderful you support this and provide your clients with all the information necessary to giving your animals the proper care they deserve. The boarding services you provide are also truly wonderful, I’ve never seen Leiloo more happy to see someone again! Thank you again for all your continued help and support.  We look forward to bringing her out to play with you and your dogs soon!
Warm regards,
Claire and Mario
Dear Penny,
We love our new GSD puppy!  She is extremely intelligent , she is very trainable.  She is everything your newspaper ad said she would be.

Sylke is confident, loyal, self-assured and showing good signs of being protective, simultaneously socially adjusting  to the many people that enter our home such as Nurses, LNA’s, Schwann Salespeople, Meals on Wheels Delivery, Mailman etc.

When my husband and I went to your house to pick her up and  take her home it was so heartbreaking  to put her in my lap as we drove away from your family’s waving hands and witness her little 
puppy eyes glued to her home of love and security, never taking her eyes off all of you even after we were miles down the road.  
I felt like we were kidnapping her.  I saw how strongly German Shepherd Dogs bond with people and I knew someday she would have that bond for us, her new family

Thank you so much for the love and attention as well as the intention you have put into breeding the best German Shepherd Dog’s possible.  Sylke thanks you too.

Oh yes, one more thing, She is absolutely beautiful!!
Karen Woods
Cambridge, Vermont
Hi Penny
I would like to give you an update on how our German Shepherd puppy Schafer is doing.
We have had him for 5 ½ months. He was 10 wks old when I brought him home.
The first two nights he slept in his kennel with the door closed next to my bed.
On the 3rd night my wife and I were watching T.V.
and to our surprise Schafer all of a sudden decided that it was time to go to bed, he got up and went upstairs to his kennel and slept there for the rest of the night, door wide open.  It was the cutest thing to watch, and my wife and I felt as though he was going to be very easy to work with.

For the next two weeks he slept with us and then one night we called him to go to bed and he decided he was all grown up now and his job was to sleep by the front door, That is where he has been ever since.

He has only wet in the house twice and is now almost 8 months old. Very easy house training. This is my 4th German Shepherd Dog  and I am just amazed at how intelligent he is, he just wants to please. To this day all I have to do is ask or show him something once or twice and he knows what I want and its just perfecting it after that.

Every place we go he is the center of attention. I am a Building and Remodeling Contractor so he gets to do a lot of visiting each day which he just loves. People are always saying how beautiful he is and how well mannered he is, and where did I get him from, they have a hard time believing he is as young as he is. That may also have to do with the fact that he is already 90 lbs.
About a month ago I brought him to my vets, she was very impressed with his looks and his health. She made a comment to her assistant that she thought this was one if the best looking German Shepherds she has seen in an awful long time.

He makes me proud to be his owner every day.

I know you have worked very hard at creating such great blood lines at Stronghold German Shepherds, and it shows in all your dogs. He is a great example of what you strive to accomplish at Strogholdgermansheperds and I would just like to say thank you again for allowing me to have such a great companion.

When I decide it is time to have a second one there is no doubt in my mind where he or she will come from.

We look forward to staying in contact and hearing about all the puppies and the stories to go with them.

Jay Basiliere
Hey Penny!
I’ve been meaning to write these sooner, but my God it’s been busy.  Otto is just an amazing beast!!

#1. In September we had friends and their kids over for a bbq.  There were 7 kids ranging in ages from 8 years old to 2 years old.  Otto was unusually restless.  Running in the house then back out to the back yard.  It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.  The younger kids were in the house and the older kids were outside!  Otto insisted on keeping them in his sight and if that meant running back and forth, so be it.

Later in the afternoon all the kids were outside in the backyard and Otto was happy.  He just layed down and watched them, occasionally stealing the soccer ball and was most happy when all the kids were scratching his belly. It was amazing to see how determined Otto was to keep watch of all the kids!
#2. This past weekend, I brought the kids down to my parents to get my parents Christmas tree.  A tradition 30 years old and going strong!  Saturday night, I was hanging out with my parents watching a football game, it was getting to be time to let the dogs out for the night.  In addition to Otto, we have a 13 year old black lab.  She has a history of wandering off.  Also, being 13 her sight is dimming and she’s essentially deaf.  My Dad let the dogs out to take care of “business” and after a few minutes called for the dogs to come back in.  Otto came bounding up, but after a few minutes, our lab was nowhere to be seen or heard.  My parents land abutts a State Forest so there’s just miles and miles of wilderness to get lost in.  My Dad was calling for our lab Chloe, louder and louder.  I was starting to put on my boots to go looking for her.  However, Otto knew something wasn’t right.  He looked at my Dad, then down toward the woods and took off toward the woods!  My dad was calling for Otto for him come.. After a couple minutes Otto returned but he was “herding” our 13 year old lab back up to the house.

I was stunned.  Otto just knew what we wanted Chloe back inside, he knew she can’t hear, and he knew how to get her.

I just love and am more connected to Otto more than any other dog I’ve owned.  He just gets it.  I can’t thank you enough for your advice, support and help!!

p.s.  A friend of mine saw one of DK’s pups..  He was floored at how strong and beautiful this dog was.  Keep us posted when DK and a suitable mate have another litter.
Best Regards,
Adam E. Lacross
I just have to share how much this incredible dog has changed my life. I had researched German Shepherd service dogs for over 6 years, before deciding the time had come that I truly needed one.

During my research, I came across your website. We had German Shepherds when I was a child, so I have a very strong love of the breed.  I admired your dogs, but I knew I couldn’t 
handle a puppy, so I never thought seriously about them. When my children moved out, I realized it was time to start the process of getting a service dog.  Not long after that, I came across your site again, and even though I knew I couldn’t handle a puppy, I was moved to fill out an application.  I felt silly doing it, because in my mind, you were in the business of selling puppies, and if I were to try to raise a puppy, it would be cruel to both the pup and to me.

But even though I knew this, I felt as though someone much wiser than me was telling me I needed to do this, I needed to apply for one of your dogs.  I think I started my application “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but…” and then listing all the reasons why I shouldn’t be trying to get one of your beautiful pups!  But I told you in that application my story, how I was hoping to train my own service dog, and the reasons why I needed one, and what I hoped to get from the dog.  I was so relieved when we talked and you said that yes, you do sometimes place adult dogs, both rescued dogs for other people, and your pups that had been returned to you.

One of the things I find unique about you and Will, compared to other breeders is the agreement you have with people who buy your pups stating that if for any reason they are unable to keep their dog, they must give it back to you. There may be other breeders may also have this stipulation, but I’ve never heard them, and it impressed me greatly.

When I was waiting for you to call me, telling me you had the perfect dog for me, I had a huge range of emotions.  In many ways, I felt like an adoptive parent waiting for the call that their child was waiting..never knowing when the call would come, but knowing my life would change dramatically when it did.

It seemed like forever at the time, but it was only a few short months until Zurich was mine, and I knew from the first day that he was meant to be with me.  I can’t begin to tell you how much he has changed my life, even beyond my disabilities.  My life totally revolves around him now, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In order for him to be a service dog, he needs to go through quite a bit of obedience training.  We’ve taken one class so far, and he’s learned everything I’ve taught him so much quicker than I expected him to pick things up.  He continually amazes me.  You can quite literally see his desire to learn, and how badly he wants to please me.  The biggest challenge though, was for him to learn to do the “tasks” that not only qualify him as a service dog, but are the reasons I need one.

I have narcolepsy, which is a sleeping disorder, and my biggest problem is waking up.  I’ve missed dozens of appointments.  I’ve slept through people knocking on my door.  I’ve slept through alarm clocks. Most frighteningly though, I’ve slept through the smoke alarm.  I had learned that in order to train a dog to wake you, you should put peanut butter on your cheek and train them to lick it off, and then pair it with the trigger.. the alarm clock, phone, or smoke alarm. Before I even had the opportunity to do this training, Zurich demonstrated that he knew how to wake me.  He peeled the blankets off me… not just tugged at them like I’d expect a dog to do, but he peeled them off, just like a person would do.  He then nudges me with his nose.  The times I don’t respond quickly enough, he yanks the pillow out from under my head, and if that fails (it rarely fails, trust me!) he “pounces” on me.

Zurich had never been in stores before, either.  This is a more difficult thing for a dog to do than you’d think, because it’s all new and exciting, yet he’s expected to be on his best behavior.  Once again, he amazes me.  He’s great in department stores, banks, and office type places.  Grocery stores were initially very difficult for him.  I think it was sensory overload, all the delicious smells coming from every direction!  But even there, he’s come so far, so quickly. Grocery workers and other customers constantly compliment him.  I knew he’s still got some work to do there, but I couldn’t be more proud of him.

One thing that he really enjoys is all the attention he gets, especially from children.  I’m not sure why, but this dog absolutely adores children, and he is so very gentle with them, it’s amazing.Just this past week, a mom wanted her baby to pet Zurich, so she picked her up out of the grocery cart and stood her on the floor next to him.  He laid down next to her and very gently sniffed her and kissed her face.  The baby was just a week shy of her first birthday. She was thrilled… and so was Zurich.

Penny, we can’t go anywhere without hearing many, many compliments on both his behavior, and his appearance.  Even people who don’t come over to pet him, I’ll hear saying “Wow, what a gorgeous dog”  or “Did you see that German Shepherd?”  or something similar.  Zurich thrives on all the attention, and hasn’t met anyone he hasn’t liked.  He still needs more refining of his manners, but only because he’s a service dog.  The standards are extremely high, but I know he’ll have no problems meeting, and exceeding, any expectations.  As he is right now, he’s the perfect pet, and what everyone wants in a dog.  He’s very obedient; he doesn’t get into anything around the house that isn’t his; he doesn’t bark unless he’s alerting me to something; he’s active and energetic when we’re outside, but calm when we’re inside; he listens when I tell him to do (or stop doing) something; he’s very responsive to treats, but doesn’t beg at the table.  In short, he’s pretty much perfect in every way.

Penny, I thank God every day for this beautiful dog, and for making me fill out that application when I thought I was being frivolous.  He obviously planned it for Zurich and I to be together, and what a wonderful team we’d make.  I can’t thank you and Will enough for not only breeding these incredible creatures, but more importantly the WAY you do everything you do, from choosing the very best dogs, to breeding them, to insisting that they have the best owners and lives that they can have.  I tell everyone about you, and how very different you are from every breeder I have ever encountered.  I don’t know how you manage to do it all, but I will never consider a dog from anyone but you ever again.  I can’t imagine my life without Zurich now, he brings me so much more joy than I ever expected.
Lynne Barhight
HI Penny,
just wanted to take time to email you and let you know how wonderful & healthy Mannix is.

HE already knows sit, come, lie down, watch me and is a joy to have. Also when we went to our first puppy class the instructor was able to do a “long” watch me (7 seconds) with no problems at all and she remarked about how good, smart he is. I have been able to get him to do a long watch me (25 seconds).

He loves everyone I have taken him to soccer games where he was around other dogs/kids nothing bothers him. He is not skittish/doesn’t bark alot etc.

He has such a wonderful temperament and is extremely healthy and happy. You can tell what a great start he had with  you and your family in the way you socialize them with others. I see the care and love they get at your house and how clean and wonderful the environmment is.

I am so lucky to have found such a great breeder who cares about her dogs, doesn’t mind questions/emails and becomes part of an extended family. I don’t know many breeders who invite everyone back for a potluck picnic.

If we are able to purchase another German Shepherd Dog it will definitely be with you.

1, 2, 3, how do we count the ways Izzi has enriched our lives.. the numbers do not go high enough.
Izzi is pure happiness & joy.  Her zeal for living each day to the fullest … some call HIGH DRIVE  we call high living.

She works hard & plays hard. She is a wonderful family dog & working dog all rolled into one beautiful compact Sable German Shepherd Dog  There is no task she is unwilling to do, 
as long as she knows what you want & we take the leadership role, she will perform excellently. She is a work in progress, always growing & mastering her skills along with us doing the same with the assistance of professional local trainers.

Izzi’s  level of keen smell & intuitive intelligence keeps us sharp, as we need to be 5 steps ahead of her & sometimes, that is not enough with her large leaps & bounds both physical & intellectual.

We look forward to a long healthy, happy live together as a family with lots of visits up to Stronghold Shepherd’s Family Farm & Kennels. Izzi absolutely enjoys going back to visit them, as well as playing with all her K-9 buddies. Their home is a little piece of heaven, thanks to Love, Knowledge & Devotion given by Penny, Will & Theron to this extraordinary dog called The German Shepherd.

Hello Penny,
I thought you might like an update on how Gypsy is doing. She is a beautiful little girl. She has become very attached to me and loves to go everywhere with me. Gypsy was at the vets today for a healthy puppy check and she weights 30 pounds now.

The vet is very pleased with her development. She is doing very well in her puppy classes. I really enjoy working with her, she is so smart and learns very quickly. Gypsy was puppy tested for therapy dog training and passed with flying colors. I hope to do further therapy training as I would enjoy being able to share my beautiful Gypsy with others. 
Also, I wanted to let you know that we have scheduled Gypsy to be spayed in early November. We all hope to come up and visit sometime in October if that would be alright with you and your family. I will write again with an update later. 

Hi Penny,
I asked my wife to type this because I just don’t go online.Lexie is such a joy to our lives but especially mine. I work as a plumber and recently lost our German Shepherd Dog in June and my wife happened to call you. I wasn’t sure I was ready for another German Shepherd Dog as the previous one had health issues. I am so glad we made that call to come up and meet you,the pups. We could tell how well the pups were being 
raised and were very impressed with the dogs as well. I bring Lexie to work with me every day to the jobsites, parts places and everyone who has met has fallen in love with her. Even when she wasn’t supposed to be on a certain job site the “boss” allowed her to because she is so well behaved. She is almost 7 months and I can’t imagine not getting her. Thank you for raising such beautiful confident healthy dogs. We loved Lexie so much we just had to get another one from you. We will never get another German Shepherd from another breeder. If we get another German Shepherd Dogdown the road it will definitely be from you.
Hi Penny,
I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the beginning of what looks to be the making of a long and snowy winter in New England. Lindsay, Mabel and I have really been enjoying our time on the road; from our long hikes along the Pacific Crest Trail, to backcountry wilderness excursions to find remote climbing areas; Mabel has accompanied us on all of our adventures, and I know you’d be oh so proud of how much she has grown up, both physically and socially, on this trip.

As you may know, Mabel is quickly approaching her 2nd birthday (Jan. 30th, to be exact), and in the time that we set out on the road back in June of 2008 to now (December 2008), Mabel has become quite accustomed to the nature of traveling. She is constantly meeting new dog friends, be it at the local dog park, on the trail, or at a friends home. She is very playful, full of positive energy, and has a keen sense of when she is playing too rough, or when another dog friend just doesn’t want to play. She has really impressed the humans she’s met, as well, with her pleasant and welcoming demeanor. Coupled with those blossoming attributes, Mabel is a fast learner. She understands and obeys every command given, as well as being able to follow hand signals too! Needless to say, Mabel’s present intelligence is rather admirable for such a young dog…I can only imagine how much she’ll learn come this time next year!

Mabel’s strong companionship is at the very foundation of her personality. I’ve never met such a loyal and faithful dog before. She makes the days I spend alone while Lindsay works enjoyable and colorful, and the days both Lindsay and I have off together a comical and joyful good time. We never have to worry about her wandering off or running away: She knows who her people are, and has an innate understanding and respect of the meaning of family hierarchy and friends.

Sure we’ve had some challenging times with her, but that comes with the territory and is all part of creating the amazing dynamic both Lindsay and I share with her today. Due to the devotion and love provided by Stronghold German Shepherds, we’ve been given the gift of a spirit-lifting, smile-producing, soul-calming companion, named Mabel. Thanks!

Christopher and Lindsay Duca
Just wanted to let you know that Hector is doing very well. Growing like crazy, over 30lbs..

People that meet him are very impressed with his noble, handsome features and superb temperament. They just can’t keep their hands off him!
He loves riding in the car (begs to go for a ride every time he walks by our car).

We tell anyone who is interested where they can go to get the best German Shepherd Dog from the best breeder in these parts.

Like you and Will said, nothing bothers this guy.
Will stay in touch…
Bob Batten

Hi Penny,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Shilo and Zoe are doing.

Shilo, who will be 4 years old in January, is so smart and gentle. My Grandkids play with him and they are only 2 years old. Shilo loves the 9 month old too and gives him gentle kisses.
Zoe, who is Shilo’s half sister, is just as smart and gentle. She loves the kids too. She loves playing hide and seek with anyone.

Everywhere I go, people ask me where I got such beautiful friendly dogs. As you know, years ago I used to breed German Shepherds and even though I had a wonderful line, I must admit that your dogs are far superior then mine were. I have not had any problems with their health. They are not allergic to anything, their coats are shinny and my Vet is just amazed with them. He told me that whoever I got them from is a very reputable breeder with a wonderful breeding line of German Shepherds.

Dick and I can’t thank you enough for letting Shilo and Zoe become part of our family.

We are even thinking of adding another one. Our lives would not be complete without them.

Thank you again Penny and I will bring them by for a visit soon.

Joyce Ticehurst
Just wanted to give you an update on Torrey – she is doing very well and growing very quickly. She has been housebroken for about 2 weeks now, and is coming everywhere with us. She is doing very well in Puppy Kindergarten at Canine Companions in Essex.
It is also pretty funny about how many people I run into who either have purchases puppies from you or know someone who has. Makes me even more certain we chose the right breeder to get our dog from.
On another note, my family is taking a vacation in Florida from April 10-25th – would we be able to have Torry go and stay with your family ??
Please let me know,
Raymond St. Pierre
Penny – I got your phone call this morning and was going to e-mail you anyway.  Zurich is great.  He is really growing and is just beautiful.  His ears are about 2/3 up and one is up sometimes all the way which is adorable.  He is very happy, content, patient and all around pleasant. He comes when he is called 98% of the time and is sitting with a stay for almost 20 seconds and is working on laying down (can do it with a treat but not without yet!)  He walks nicely on a leash and sits when we stop.  We have a lot of land so I have him outside multiple times during the day without a leash and we explore and work on coming when he is distracted–which he is very good at– he is so observant and attentive.  We absolutely love him!  He has slept 8 – 9 hours a night in his crate since we have had him and has been housebroken after just two weeks of being here. 
He has been to the vet twice and everything is great.  I tell people about you all the time as everyone thinks he is a beautiful dog and wonders where we got him.  I really think our experience with you was outstanding as I think you and your husband are very passionate about your animals and your job as breeders of outstanding dogs.  I was amazed at how you connected with each of the puppies you had when we were visiting and as I remember you had 2 litters which was quite a few dogs.   I think we were very lucky to find you and have one of your dogs.  Thank you.

Linda and Ted Librizzi

Hi Penny,
I thought I would give you an update on how Coleman is doing! Words can’t describe how great he is. He has adapted to our busy lifestyle very quickly and can’t wait to get in the car everyday to see where he is going next. He LOVES to go in the milk truck with his dad and play with the animals on the farm. He goes to softball games, grandma’s house, and just about everywhere we go. He is so loveable and great with kids and other dogs. He has made two great friends Sam and Lilly (also German Sherherds) who he plays with everyday when he goes to work with his dad. We will be playing in a softball tournament at Hyde Park on July 9th 10th and 11th, and would love to bring him for a visit! We had our first vet appointment with Nate last week, he is great! We will be going back to see him in a couple weeks for another check-up. He is growing like a weed! I haven’t uploaded my pictures yet, but I have lots! Pictures will soon follow!

Hi Penny,
Quincy is doing well and seems to really enjoy Fletcher life.  He’s David’s constant companion during the day, and ready to play when Dylan and I get home.  He’s a social pup and greets everyone he meets with his tail wagging.  He’s met almost all of his relatives (two and four legged) and has been welcomed back to every home. Pretty cool for a 12 week old pup!

He enjoys rides in the truck and the adventures that follow; he can almost get up in the seat by himselfJ.  Walks to the brook and the water, boy does he love water!  He also loves jaunts through the woods, trips to the store, and school.  Quincy’s just happy to be doing whatever we are doing.  He gets along very well with our ducks, horse and cats.   He misses the snow.

This Sunday he’ll be shopping on Church St in Burlington.

I’ll take some pictures and send them along.

Thank you Penny, we feel blessed to have one of your beautiful pups in our life!

Kathy David & Dylan Day

March 25, 2010

Dear Penny and Will,
My two kids and I got our first German Shepherd Dog from you just over a year and a half ago. Sophie’s very smart and athletic and such a princess. We always get compliments on her manners when we take her to the kids’ sporting events.  In fact, we enjoyed her so much we had to come back to you for a second dog.

Kohle is our first black German Shepherd Dog. I’ve wanted one for years.  He’s four  months old now and what a sweet heart!  He is going to be huge if his paws are any indication, and he’s all heart.  Everyone comments on how smart he is and he just loves everyone, especially kids.  We always seem to have a houseful. Even our vet comments on what great dispositions both dogs have.

The two dogs interact so well together; where Sophie is higher drive, very fast and agile, perfect for agility… Kohle is rock solid, very eager to please and a terrific family dog; both dogs enjoy hiking and tracking and hanging out with us.  It seems that what ever kind of dog someone is looking for; you have just the right one!  We are so glad you helped select our dogs as you knew which ones would be the perfect match for us and each other.

This is the first German Shepherd Breeder and kennel we have used that offers support and advice on raising the dogs to be healthy and have long and happy lives through a natural approach; its been a huge help whether our questions are on nutrition, insect repellant or training to name a few.  We have highly recommended your kennel to anyone looking for a great dog.
Thank you!
Susan Eckhardt

Dear Penny,
I just wanted to let you know how much Brad and I appreciated our visit a few weeks ago to see your lovely dogs. We are constantly talking about your dogs and our visit. I am so very impressed with the beauty, intelligence, gentleness, and personality of your dogs. I am finding it very hard to wait until February, but know it is worth the wait.

Thank you again for our visit. Please keep us informed on how everything is coming along.
Enjoy this lovely fall.

We want to thank you again for putting the puppy reunion together yesterday. It was great to see all of the dogs together. I could not believe the difference between Hector’s sisters and the males from this litter both physically in size and in appearance. The girl pups look like they are from a litter 2 months behind Hector and Oto. We were especially taken by Hector’s sister Lexy, she is so adorable! We would have been very satisfied to have her had Hector not been available.
It is also very obvious that we picked the #1 pup in this litter. There was something about Hector during that first visit that caught our eye. We could not be happier with our selection.
Having had many dogs and being around dogs most of our lives we still cannot get over how Hector and Oto got along. We’ve never seen two dogs play so rough for so long without a single growl or wimper! That was amazing and is an absolute tribute to the superb temperment that Lex and Zena’s offspring exhibit.

Hopefully we can get together again next year. It will be interesting to see the changes in this litter a year removed.

We will obviously keep you up to date with Hector’s development (with pictures!) and may stop by from time to time, your schedule allowing of course. We cannot wait to see the results of Andra and Lex’s first brood. These pups are going to be absolutely stunning! Let us know if anyone backs out on their commitment from this litter. We might be convinced to bring a brother or sister home for Hector! 
Thank you again for a wonderful get together yesterday.

Bob & Lydia Batten

Dear Penny & Will,
There just aren’t enough ways to tell you how thankful we are to have our Gunner. I’ve had German Shepherds in my life most of my 67 years, but Gunner is in a class by himself. I have never had a puppy at this age with the level of confidence he has. Totally unflappable-nothing puts him off. He meets other dogs(safe and healthy of course) with an air of “I’m as big as you in my heart”. Noises don’t bother him nor do new things. He’s met a lot of people and been to many “safe” places with his Mom as well as his big sister Rachael. 

After 6 days of going out in the morning with Mom and sis to get the morning papers, he now gets a paper too! So incredibly smart. He sleeps in our bedroom in a crate and is content to do so. Sometimes has to go potty during the night but always lets me know in time. Rachael and Gunner play tug with stuffed toys and knotted ropes. She will let him win too which is nice to see. Some people question why I would travel 3000 miles to get a dog. When they meet Gunner they’ll understand. I’ll send pictures tomorrow or later this evening.

Dear Penny,
Gunner (The first) Has Rapidly Grown into a fine young man. We are now approaching his second Birthday and his Personality is in full bloom. I am the manager of a grooming salon in Cambridge MA. Gunner is the center of attention. He is greeted by many dogs and their people on a daily basis. I am Constantly getting compliments on his appearance. Gunner has a very striking face, very square with black and silver markings. My customers always admire his rare smooth coat, and how he hardly sheds at all!. Gunner Is a fantastic swimmer as well as  a skilled herder. We are currently undergoing search and rescue training in Rockport MA. Gunner is at the top of his class and our trainer admires gunners “Heart and drive”. Most importantly Gunner has the amazing ability to be consistent with our moods, If my husband and i are tired and feel like being quiet for a bit, Gunner is right there in his bed ready to just relax, and if were up at the crack of dawn ready for a morning hike through the woods hes right on board. 

Thank you Penny for the perfect working companion

Hi Penny:
Just wanted to let you know how very much we are enjoying Max.  He is a solid member of the family!  Sleeps in our beds and we just love it. We have had many compliments about him.  Also many inquires about where we got him.
Marge & Jim Scott

Dear Penny
Here are some comments about Laska for your site.  “Laska” means “affection” in Russian and she surely lives up to her name! Laska joined us when she was three months old and is now a year and a half. She is all black except for a few tiny light patches on the back of her ankles. We are amazed by Laska’s great personality.

Her intelligence and focus are stunning. She is aware of everything that is going on and has tremendous curiosity.

Her eye-contact is Remarkable since Natasha is a pianist we wondered how Laska would respond. Well, it seems Laska herself has become interested in playing piano! If we say, “play piano” she immediately climbs on the bench and starts to “play” with her paws on the keyboard! She just wants to be with us and do what we do.

Right now as I am typing she is trying to “help” me. In addition, we have a 12-year old Shepherd who is part of Laska’s life and they are good buddies. Of course Laska is sometimes more determined to play than Tela. We thank Penny and Will for giving Laska such a great start, and for being so welcoming when we visited them in the fall. We plan to do it more often. We wish you and your family a wonderful New Year!
Natasha and Bil

Jim and I would like you to know just what a wonderful dog Max is.Max is the fourth German Shepherd to share our home and life. He is by far the best. From the time we responded to your ad in the Burlington Free Press and went up to see the pups we were smitten. It was difficult to make a choice from your litter. They were all so cuddly and playful. But we decided on Max. You told us that we would have to wait another two weeks before we could bring him home. It was a long two weeks!

When we brought Max home we discovered what a smart loving puppy he was. We have had Max with us for a year and a half now. He is a full fledged member of the family. He is welcoming to all of our friends and visitors while keeping a keen eye out for intruders. He is gentle with children. He plays with our five year old grandson and while they play hard he seems to be always mindful of his size and just how small Michael is.

We decided to use the Vet that you have in Stowe, even though it is a bit of a drive from Burlington, thanks to Max’s robust health we have not had to make many trips to Stowe.

So many people have commented on what a beautiful dog Max is. Telling us he is just about the most beautiful German Shepherd they have ever seen., and ask us where we got him.

We are so happy with Max and with all of the support you have given us since we bought him. You have always been very free with any advise we have needed. Knowing that we can leave Max with you whenever we travel gives us peace of mind. He has spent time with you and your family twice since we have had him. While it is difficult to be separated from him, knowing where he is and what good hands he is in, makes it easier.

We also enjoyed the Pot Luck Dnner/Doggie Reunion that you hosted in October. Getting to see all of Max’s relatives, including his Grandmother was such fun. Max really enjoyed playing with his sister Izzie! We would recommended your dogs to anyone interested in purchasing one with the firm conviction that whoever has the good fortune to get one of your dogs will soon recognize that she/he has gained a rare loving and robust dog indeed.
Marge & Jim Scott