Strong enough to protect your home…and gentle enough to play with your children!
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Puppy Application
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I am intrested in a:
My color preference is;
My color/sex preference is
My puppy will br used for
Name of Spouse/Companion
Name and Ages of Children:
Will anyone else be living with the dog?
Have you previously owned a dog?
Have you previously owned this breed?
If yes, please provide the following for each dog you have owned
Breed (or predominate breed if mixed)
How obtained (purchased, found, gift, adopted, etc.)
Age when obtained
What happened to the dog: (sold, given away, lost, died--include cause of death)
What animals do you currently own?
Do you breed dogs now, or have you had experience breeding dogs?
Which of the following best fits the primary reason(s) you would like to have a dog?
If you marked more than one above, please list them by priority below
What specifically attracted you to this breed? how did you become intrested in owning one?
Your Occupation
Work Schedule
Typical hours per week
How many hours per day would be the dog be left alone?
Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
Do you own your home?
If renting , do you have landlord's permission to have a dog?
Where would the dog spend most of its time?
Where would the dog's sleeping quaters be?
Check those that apply to the dog's outdoor space
If fenced yard, what type is it?
How will your dog be transported?
What type of family do you have?
What family activities will include your dog?
What type of temperament would you like the puppy to have?
Explain why you selected your choice above
???? Size and weight  of adult dog
When you travel, would you normally take the dog?
Who would care for the dog if not accompanying you?
Do you plan to feed your puppy fresh raw as outlied by the breeder?
Do you  understand the health  gaurantee will not be honored unless you follow the prescribed
diet and give no or minimal vaccines?
Please consider what you would do with your dog if any of the following were to happen to you
Are you willing to sign an agreement to bring the dog back to the breeder if you are unable or
don;t want to care for the dog anymore?
Are you willing to sign a Non-Breeding or Co-Owner agreement?
If you were referred to this breeder, please list name
Your Veterinarian name and phone:
List any other comments or conditions the breeder should be aware of and/or included in this contract
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