Strong enough to protect your home…and gentle enough to play with your children! 
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Lex a Lintichu DN20434701

Lex is a large masculine stunning example of the breed. He has
an outstanding temperament with balanced drives. He has deep red
pigmentation. Lex comes from an excellent genetic foundation.
Everyone that comes to visit us loves lex. His love for people
and children is strong. His judgment of character in people is

Dake DK has a reputation for being the REAL GERMAN SHEPHERD with solid nerves, strong working character, beautiful structure as well as for being very clear in the head. He has proven himself multiple times for passing to his progeny very good hips, beautiful structure, gorgeous expressive head types, strong working drives and sound temperaments. DK is 100%trustworthy in any situation as well as reliable with his family as a protector and guardian, safe with children, other pets and even with our farm animals. It is an absolute honor to have in our home and breeding program in our breeding program.
Seleck is Lex's son. He is just 18month months old, and is proving to be just what we hoped for.. Another Lex.. He has a fantastic temperament. He gets along and plays with other dogs including little puppies. He is gentle and plays great with children. Loves adults, and small animals Seleck is of thick boned structure, deep red coloration with black saddle, correct head structure. Beautiful top line, with correct coup, correct angulations. Structurally correct in every way. His gait is if he walks on air..Seleck will take over as Stud for Lex when he retires.