Strong enough to protect your home…and gentle enough to play with your children! 
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Leika is daughter to Lex and Trixie
Leika, our tom boy gives her all in everything she does. Whether it’s tracking, obedience, protection, playing ball or snuggling she always displays a happy, energetic, willing disposition. Social, friendly, always smiling, Leika.

Her ever-present zest for life can’t help but put smiles on the faces of all those who meet her.
Leika’s joyful and endlessly entertaining personality is coupled with sound nerve, excellent health and exceptional working ability in all phases. She demonstrates the wonderful natural tracking talent 
that her dam, Trixie always seemed to stamp on her pups with deep-nosed, concentrated tracking balanced with intense desire for the work. Focused, she shows tremendous enthusiasm and desire to please.
Leika is perfect in our  home and relaxes in the house, proof positive that a dog of proper working temperament also excels as a family companion. Not just an exceptional companion and working dog, Leika is also proving herself to be a wonderful mother, We are looking forward to watching all her beautiful babies grow.
Kiria and Emmie
Callie(left) Leika(right)