Strong enough to protect your home…and gentle enough to play with your children! 
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Available Puppies
Meet Callie (left) and father to puppies Arrow(right), and her beautiful 5 week old puppies(pictures coming soon).  Callie's puppies are of strong nerve, have sound mind and body.  They are loyal,confident,and protective, and show a love for children.  They will make great family pups and perfect companions. 
Callie is an absolutely beautiful female who was the pick female from her litter She has excellent working structures, beautiful head and wonderful expression Callie is a replica of her mother Leika in every way. She is an excellent companion and has a very trustworthy temperament with family and children, she is very friendly and outgoing in her character. As a mom she couldn't be better.. The pups have had the start needed to be confident,out going.loving.loyal.Everything a pup should be. please call or email for more information
​Trevor is a beautiful sable puppy.  He has strong bone and substance.  Trevor shows excellent attention to his handler, he does not wander off or show much independence.  He is eager to learn and please.  He is comfortable and confident in new surroundings.  He is quick to engage anyone and other dogs.  He takes his time to investigate everything possible.  Trevor has been socialized with children of all ages,cats,chickens,geese, and many different dogs.  He has been raised in a family environment.  He comes with a health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support. Please email or call 802-888-2662 for more info.  
At Stronghold German Shepherds we strive to produce puppies that will fit into any lifestyle. Whether that be Family Companion/Guardian, LE, SAR, PPD, AKC/UKC events, etc or schutzhund. We are Very committed in producing puppies with Sound Mind, Sound Body, Correct Structure, Thick Bone, Broad/Blocky Heads,Deep Rich Pigment and over all Wellness.  Our puppies can settle in a home environment with children and/or be put into a working environment.  All of our dogs have pedigree's that are Packed Full of High Titled Well Known East German DDR/West Working Line German Shepherds. We are always there for the life of the puppy that you purchase from Stronghold, that is  our commitment to our Puppy Clients. Honesty is our Best Policy......

Reima comes from a combination of excellent lineage. She is a,
bi-color with beautiful working structure, beautiful expressive head
type and strong bone. We expect her to be an excellent pup for for a
top quality working dog with excellent ball drive and upbeat obedience
and of high level trainability. This litter is very well bred for Schutzhund, SAR prospects from novice to advanced handlers but also puppies who will be very warm and joyful in their character that can also be wonderful for an active family lifestyle. We expect high drive for the ball or any toy with natural grips and pure joy for the work. Reima again will be excellent for SAR as well as other facets of work as well as a dog who is nice to live with in the home good with families and are very clear in the head. We expect very nice balanced drives and exceptional work ethic. We highly recommend her for Search and Rescue dog candidates, Competition level obedience, family companion or guardians and Personal Protection Dogs. As with many of our dogs Marla and DK are wonderful dogs in the home We expect her to
have balanced and notable drives early on and be very rich in her
color. As always our puppies are hand selected for our familys
personal needs and come with our Full written guarantee. If you have
additional questions or would like to discuss this breeding we welcome
your inquiry.
Misha is a Callie & Arrow puppy.. She is a 
strikingly beautiful GSD with black and deep tan
coloration. She is a gentle and loving girl, with a 
comical sense of humor. Misha loves to carry 
things around in her mouth and its not unusual 
to see her walking around the house with our  socks, hats, She has an excellent nose and is a training to be a search and rescue dog. She also has the ability 
to do therapy work She loves children and has been
socialized with farm animals and many other dogs.
Arrow her dad is now a state of vt k9. Misha can be anything anyone would want.
Amazing little Mia is another one of Callie and Arrows pups.. She has great eye contact and aways wants to please... . She enjoys playing with her litter mates but always comes when called. Mia has an old fashioned, solid, squared, German body type. She is considerate and happy to please. She is also a calm, respectful girl. She has been raised with loving care in our family as all our pups... Shes will be a medium sized girl, 
and very easy to work with... Happy,fun.loyal. She also like her sister could do therapy work,search rescue,family companion.. Socialized with farm animal,and children of all ages.. She truley is a sweety
Jeanna is sister to Yenna
She is a strikingly beautiful black pup . She is a very busy girl.
Just by looking at the photo you can see she is a strong solid girl.. Jeanna is ALWAYS is thinking of something to do, She is
confident, sound, beautiful and I adore her.Jeanna is always carrying something., She has an excellent nose and could train to be a search and rescue dog. She was tracking at 8 weeks..Jeanna could be a all around sport or family dog.. She could easily be taught protection.  Jeanna is socialized with farm animals and she helps heard the geese.. She has seen many other dogs.
Reiko her dad is a state police k9. Sammie her mom is a DK puppy Jeanna can be anything anyone would want.